Mar 29

Bare 7mm Ultra Warmth Boots

The Bare 7mm Ultra Warmth Boots are very well known to be some of the warmest booties on the market. Their outstanding design is very comfortable and soft yet very sturdy and built to withstand all conditions. These boots come in one thickness being 7mm throughout and come in all ranges of sizes (4 – …

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Mar 09

Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather

Hollis - No Limits

Recently I had the opportunity to complete the Hollis Prism 2 Rebreather course. My previous experience on the Poseidon Mk6 meant that I was able to focus more on the Prism2 than the actual difference between open and closed circuit diving. Immediately I noticed the shape and position on the front-mounted counter lungs I was …

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Feb 10

Hollis F1 LT (Lite) Fins


The Hollis F1 LT (Lite) fins come in one standard color (grey) however they have 4 available different sizes being Small, Regular, X-Large, XX-Large. These fins are designed for technical diving as they are small yet compact fins allowing for easier finning. These fins are perfect for cave diving and wreck diving as these …

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Jan 16


What is a Semi Dry? Well – all wetsuits get wet, on the inside. In a typical suit, the ocean gets in – your body warms it – and the ocean gets out again, effectively YOU are heating the ocean (& shedding precious body heat and energy in the mix). A Semi-Dry resists this ‘flushing’ …

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Dec 23

Hollis SMS75 BCD


This is a stylish black and red BCD that comes in 3 different sizes, (SM-MD, L-XL, XXL) The SMS75 is the ‘swiss army knife’ of BCD’s – extremely versatile – tough as hell – and customizable. As a rear inflation BCD this allows for a lot more movable room in the front, allowing you to feel …

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Dec 21

SSI Decompression Diving Certification

Decompression Diving

The SSI Decompression Diving Certification qualifies you to plan and dive limited decompression dives to a depth of 40m with a maximum optimized gas blend of Nitrox 40% (EAN40). Prerequisites are 24 total logged dives, and hold an SSI Deep and Enriched Air Nitrox certification. The course curriculum involves 1-pool and 3-open water dives, with staged decompression for the …

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Dec 06

OceanPro QLR4 BCD (Bouyancy Control Device)


The OceanPro BCD is very simple yet packed with features to ensure that your diving experience is the best it can be. The QLR Quick lock and release system is amazing as your weights stay in position throughout the dive and won’t shift therefore affecting buoyancy and positioning in the water. The weight pockets …

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Nov 29

Atomic B2 Second Stage Regulator

Pat B2

I have had my B2 regs for a couple of years now and love the ease of breathing and the swivel is absolutely amazing The Atomic B2 system has the same second stage design and materials as the T3 and a Chrome-plated Brass balanced piston first stage, this reg performs the same as the top …

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Nov 16

Atomic Aquatics SV2 Snorkel

The Atomic SV2 is a contoured shape snorkel with a flexible lower tube to alleviate pressure in the jaw and allowing you to retrieve the snorkel at any point of the dive with ease, and moves freely away from your face when it is not being used, for instance when your regulator is in position. It …

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Nov 01

Hollis 500se/DC7 regulators

Pat se500-dc7

For my preferred side-mount set up, I went for two Hollis 500se/DC7 regulators. Breathing from these regs is amazing. A small inhalation opens the control valve lever creating a vacuum that opens the main valve diaphragm immediately allowing air to flow through the reg to the mouthpiece. Super smooth breathing! I find the side venting …

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