Sep 09

Learning to Scuba Dive at the Outpost

Congratulations to Rob, Kate and Jacob on completing their Open Water Diver Course. Doyle, Lisa and JustinĀ  joined us to rack up a few more dives towards their dive master courses.

Kate, Jacob, Doyle, Nick, Justin, Lisa and Rob

Kate, Jacob, Doyle, Nick, Justin, Lisa and Rob

The weather turned out to be great (even though the forecast was a little dodgy)…the sun was shining, sea calm and visability a good 10m. We completed the first dive of the day at the Outpost and spotted 2 snake eels, an octopus, goatfish, a school of mullet and a couple of baby crayfish. We followed up with a second dive at Daniels Reef and were surrounded by a large school of Blue Maomao for most of the dive.

View more photos below:


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