Sep 01

NEW RAID Freediving Courses !

Over the winter our staff member, Tony Graimes, travelled to the Philippines to successfully complete his RAID Freediving Instructor course.


Rescue scenarios in the pool

Rescue scenarios in the pool

Training on a descent line

Training on a descent line


Already a RAID Scuba Instructor, Tony is now qualified to take RAID Freediving courses based out of our Dive Center in Silverdale.

Ascending from the depths

Ascending from the depths

This is what Tony had to say about the experience:

“I am so pleased to become a part of the WSF RAID Freediver family. My partner Kim and I had the most amazing time with Mike Wells and Alana Caskey at Freedive HQ Philippines. The teaching and experience we gained was absolutely top class. Not to mention such an idyllic setting that is Cebu for completing this life changing course.Kim has really taken the Bull by the horns after completing her WSF Advanced Freediver rating and is talking about competing in competitions, she is always keen to get down to the local pool and train together! Before starting the course, she had some reservations and never dreamed she would be able to hold her breath for so long or dive to 25m! It has been truly fascinating to see her become so empowered and unlock these super human abilities! As for me completing the WSF Level 1 Freediving Instructor program, I am very much looking forward to being the first in NZ to offer such an amazing product with all its up to date, and safe practices. And developed by such a legend that is Mike Wells! I will surely be back in Freedive HQ Philippines soon to upgrade my certification to WSF Advanced Freediving Instructor. WSF RAID Freediver Level 1 Courses are now available at Kiwi Divers Hibiscus Coast
Contact: info@kiwiscubadivers.co.nz or call NZ 09 4269834”

Making friends with a whaleshark in the Pilippines

Making friends with a whaleshark in the Philippines

Kim at her target depth - 25m

Kim at her target depth – 25m

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