Mar 07

Tertiary Students GO DEEP at Leigh Reef!

Some of the 2013 intake of tertiary students make their first deep dive of the course at Leigh Reef to 26m. The highlight of the dive was the large school of kingfish that circled closely.

Above Leigh Reef

Above Leigh Reef

The second dive was made at Daniels Reef when they ventured to 21m. On this dive an eagle ray glided past and we found an octopus nestled in a crack.

Octopus nestled in crevice

Octopus nestled in crevice

The weather has been so great this Summer that some students have made over 40 dives in less than a month. This group will make their way all the way through to instructor over a nine month period of full time study and graduate with a Diploma in Scuba Instruction.

For more information on our Tertiary Courses visit Career Courses page.

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