Oct 08

Tertiary Students pass their Instructor Exams

Well, after a hard year of study most of our tertiary students have sat and passed their Instructor Exams and are just about ready to venture out into the diving world as fully fledged PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructors and official Awesome Dudes (and Dudettes)

As usual the Instructor Development Course leading up to the exams was full of nerves, stress and hard study to go with the usual laughter and enjoyment that our students bring to their dive study, and, as usual, in retrospect all the students were happy to be driven so hard in the lead up to the exams as it made the actual event relatively stress free by comparison.

The IDC was run by Janine De longe who, despite her fearsome reputation (put forth by me to frighten our students, mostly J), offered a course that the participants both worked hard at and also enjoyed hugely.


One student developed an ear infection leading up to the I.E and was unable to dive but will sit it in November and we are confident he will be great!

So, congratulations to Scott, Josh, Patrick, Stone, Lydia, Storm and Esther! If anyone out there is lucky enough to be taught by one of these Instructors you will be in good hands J

Thanks also to Evan, Euan and Nick as their Instructors for putting in the long hours to make sure they achieved their goals of becoming PADI SCUBA Instructors!

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