SSI XR/TXR Courses

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Do you want to stay down a little longer, go a little deeper or explore a little further? If so, the SSI XR and TXR Range of Programs is exactly what you are looking for.

New Adventures beyond the Limits

SSI Extended Range programs are designed to take your diving to the next level. Whether you are looking for the excitement of deep diving, going beyond recreational diving limits, significantly extending your bottom time or enjoying the thrill of exploring deep reefs, wrecks and caves, Extended Range provides the training and experience necessary to complete your new adventure with confidence and skill.

Extended Range diving will open up a diverse variety of aquatic environments, increase your dive depths limits, extend your bottom times and train you on new procedures. Academically you will advance your knowledge and understanding of principles, procedures and theories specific to diving safely with a decompression ceiling. You will adapt your existing equipment or be introduced to new equipment concepts and the technically oriented dive rig. You will also learn and master new skills designed to enhance your safety and enjoyment using this new equipment design. During your program your instructor will cover everything from supreme buoyancy, propulsion, equipment management and effective decompression.

Throughout the program you will increase the knowledge, skills, equipment and experience to "extend your range of diving" in every sense of the word.
Whatever your current level of training, Extended Range Diving will challenge and thrill you mentally and physically.

Training is flexible and easy

SSI has developed specific training materials: exciting, cutting edge manuals with review sessions, specific DiveLog inserts and underwater slates. All courses and training materials have been developed by industry professionals with decades of extended range and technical diving experience.

As with all SSI programs Extended Range is designed to fit your schedule. You can take each program individually or take them all in one program. Training is flexible to match your goals and objectives. It’s menu-based just like our recreational programs. To enroll in Extended Range training you need to be an Advanced Open Water Diver with both the Deep Diving and Enriched Air Nitrox specialties and a minimum of 24 logged dives.