About Raid courses

Raid Freediving Courses offer a progression from beginner to advanced level freediving.


Freediver Level 1

The WSF Freediver course is the introduction to the freediving world. Familiarise yourself with proper breathing techniques and yoga, take a deep breath liek you never have before. During your Freediver course you will learn the correct skills and knowledge to freedive to a depth of 20m/66ft in the safest and most relaxed way possible, learn all the new skills to take your adventure and superhuman skills to the next level!


Advanced Freediver Level 2

The Advanced Freediver course will equip you with further knowledge of the diving reflex that allows you to stay under water for longer. You will learn new advanced equalisation, freefall techniques and apnea training methods to carry you past the 20m/66ft mark down to 30m/99ft.


Master Freediver Level 3

Master Freediver is the apex of the World Series Freediving program. Take yourself to depths of 40m well over 100ft on a single breath of air. You will learn proper knowledge of deep equalisation, mouth-fill techniques and FRC Freediving to take you deep into the blue and beyond.



  • Minimum 12 years of age

Course Cost from $395.00

Cost includes all training and reference materials, theory session, open water dives and certification.

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