Mar 29

Bare 7mm Ultra Warmth Boots

The Bare 7mm Ultra Warmth Boots are very well known to be some of the warmest booties on the market. Their outstanding design is very comfortable and soft yet very sturdy and built to withstand all conditions. These boots come in one thickness being 7mm throughout and come in all ranges of sizes (4 – 13). The Bare 7mm Ultra Warmth boots have a very simple yet durable design that have a build in Low-loft Omnired™ infrared inner fabric that is designed to reduce the amount of heat loss but also provide extra comfort due to the Elastic full stretch neoprene around the upper calf area and soft neoprene throughout.



I find these boots to be exceptional as I wanted a very durable and long-lasting boot that I could use year round and have no warmth issues whatsoever. I found that some of my favorite features with these boots is the full stretch neoprene as the boots allow minimal amounts of water to get into them. Even when it comes down to the zip on the boot there is a Velcro strap to ensure that the zipper does not unzip to allow for more consistent warmth in the boot itself. I love the idea of a solid rubber sole as I often walk over rocks and I need something that won’t tear or perish over time. I also love the added feature of the fin tab to prevent the fin strap moving out of place.


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