Jan 16


What is a Semi Dry? Well – all wetsuits get wet, on the inside. In a typical suit, the ocean gets in – your body warms it – and the ocean gets out again, effectively YOU are heating the ocean (& shedding precious body heat and energy in the mix). A Semi-Dry resists this ‘flushing’ effect and you retain warmed water next to the skin.

The Velocity Ultra is a performance driven Semi-Dry Suit, that features the PROGRESSIVE FULL-STRETCH construction of the popular Velocity, with the advancement of Ultra Warmth Celliant® Infrared Technology. This technology converts your excess body heat into infrared energy that helps keep the body warmer for longer.

An added feature is that this suit is also made from compressed neoprene, this is extremely useful as when diving deeper for a longer period of time, compressing the wetsuit thinner and make you cooler. Compressed neoprene is ‘pre-compressed’ removing a lot of this function.



I have been extremely satisfied with the 8/7 VELOCITY ULTRA as I needed an all year round suit that was suitable for all conditions. The integrated hood really helps retain warmth as water does not get in at the neck. The fact that this suit is extremely flexible and made up of compressed neoprene was a huge bonus as I tend to do deeper dives and stay down for longer typically with wreck diving.

I love the added feature of the dry zip and this has a noticeable difference in warmth alone for it. The biggest difference I have noticed with this suit is that the Celliant® lining really helps to reduce the amount of heat loss therefore reducing the amount of energy I have to use to keep warm that in the long run allows for longer lasting dives and also more enjoyable dives.


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