Sep 07

Bare AquaTrek AT1 Drysuit

I have had my Bare AT1 Drysuit for two years now and I love it. I didn’t want to go back to a wetsuit.
It is so light-weight and I have so much flexibility while wearing the suit. The breathable material has come in handy a couple of times as I’ve done some huge surface swims(1km) in current to get to dive sites you should really use a boat to get to.

Pat Bare AT1 Drysuit

I was lucky enough to fit an off the shelf size perfectly beside the wrist seals which I’ve upgraded to Si-Tech seals for my wrists and I love the neoprene neck seal it came with.
The thermal protection I am using is the Bare CT200 polar wear undersuit which I found warm enough during a 90min dive in 12c water and even coming into summer the same undersuit in 23c water.
The flexibility and comfort while in these two suits is amazing and I am really happy with my choice.


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