Feb 10

Hollis F1 LT (Lite) Fins

The Hollis F1 LT (Lite) fins come in one standard color (grey) however they have 4 available different sizes being Small, Regular, X-Large, XX-Large.



These fins are designed for technical diving as they are small yet compact fins allowing for easier finning. These fins are perfect for cave diving and wreck diving as these fins are stiff allowing more power to kick in more confined environments. These fins are also equipped with spring heel straps allowing for a more comfortable and easier way to put your fins on. The ventilation in the blade also helps to reduce stress while accelerating water over the blade to allow for smoother kick. These fins are also 0.5kgs lighter than the Hollis F1 fin –  allowing the F1 Lite fins to be a little more buoyant. These fins are also equipped with deep and tall foot pockets allowing for drysuit diving.

I find that these fins are extremely useful to have as I like to do a lot of wreck diving therefore I need a fin that has a lot of power in it without having to do big kicks in such confined areas. The fins are extremely easy to put on. I find this very useful when trying to gear up on a boat as sometimes you don’t have a lot of room to put your fins on and tighten them. I use these fins all the time because they are a lot more durable than any other fin I’ve tried in the past and I have now done 200 + dives with these fins and haven’t had any perishing or any damage to the fins at all.

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