May 30

Hollis Neotek Semi-dry

The Hollis Neotek is an incredibly robust semi-dry wetsuit. Neotek V2

The suit itself is a mix of eight, seven and six millimeter neoprene with an awesome ‘thermaskin’ lining. The Neotek also features large thigh pockets with reliable stainless steel ‘D’ rings for security.

Hollis produce the suits in nine sizes from SM through to 3XL. The Neotek uses a single horizontal front zip and an overlapping bib system to provide a great seal, this bib combined with a built in hood provides incredible warmth. All seams are stitched and double-glued meaning they seal well and don’t get snagged, the suit also features internal dams in the wrists and ankles to stop water flowing into the suit.

I use the Neotek as I wanted reliability and practicality and you cant get much more practical than thigh pockets right? The suit is a great for all seasons especially for someone like me who hates being cold, it has plenty of warmth if I’m caught without my drysuit over winter but it’s also not too hot for the warmer summer months. I have done hundreds of dives in my Neotek and I can safely say it has never let me down!

Hollis Neotek Semi Dry Wetsuit (waterjunkie.co.nz)

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