Feb 08



The Hover, as opposed to neutral buoyancy (because we’re all tired of talking about that – right?)

Ok – they are in effect the same. Ever seen a student (or certified diver) compensate for poor buoyancy by peddling their fins … of course you have. There’s a HUGE percentage of the recreational diving community that can only stabilize themselves in the water column through finning. This leads to a myriad of other issues.

Try this as a training tool –

  1. in shallow waters (maybe six metres) get comfortably neutral within an arm span of the bottom , then – 
  2. remove fins and focus on hovering.
  3. Once a comfortable and relaxed body position has been stabilized – then, you bring the fins back in

Only without the propulsion imparted by fins does a diver gain a true sense of their buoyancy. And from there all things flow back to secondary tasks and the refinement of adjusting the hover through breath control.

In the diving industry we are all a little guilty of racing students through the syllabus in order to get them into the ocean, leaving core skills to be developed over time as ‘finesse’ rather than essentials. In a perfect world this would not be the case. Having said that – we should all be working to improve our posture in the water column, and that only comes with practice.

“when we dreamed as children, we weren’t dreaming of flying – we were dreaming of floating” 

 – anon.



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