Aug 02

Oceanic VEO 4.0 Console

The Oceanic Veo 4.0 is an easy to use entry level wrist or console mounted computer. The Veo 4.0 is sleek and yet still packed with features. The Veo 4.0 features Bluetooth Technology to connect any mobile device to your DiverLog+ app so that you can track, manage and share all of your dive data. The Veo 4.0 has a larger digit size with 4 operating modes and a 20% slimmer profile compared to the previous version to allow for added comfort while diving.

The newly developed Veo 4.0 is not like any puck console before and is ahead of its time. This amazing computer is Nitrox compatible to 40% and also has a max depth rating of 100 meters. It offers up to 300 dive hours battery life.
Some of the native features of the Veo 4.0 are; low battery indicator, altitude diving capable up to 14,000 ft, and has integrated deep stops as well as safety stops with an audible alarm. The Veo 4.0 can be activated by either the push button or water activated.

This device is predominantly used in our school as the do-all entry level computer, however if you are looking to purchase your first wrist mounted / console computer this is the way to go.

Veo 4 Console



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