Sep 14

OceanReef Integrated Dive Mask (IDM)

Once the reserve of only Professional or Military divers, OceanReef has now delivered to the Recreational community a line of full face masks or ‘Integrated Dive Masks’ with all the options and performance expected with an off the shelf product.

OceanReef Predator

It has been many a year since I’d strapped my head into a bucket in Commercial Dive School, so I’m not completely unused to the sensation of breathing without a regulator in my gob. But the delightful part of the OceanReef isĀ its designed for a relaxed – normal breathing sensation (breathing as you are now reading this article). With a fully balanced 2nd stage regulator drawing balanced gas into the oral-nasal pocket via the face-shield, this thing will not fog. And a fully adjustable set of nose-plugs enable one-handed equalization without any stress or hassle.

This thing has unwound the clock on my diving 20 years. Where once I thought ‘meh’ about open-circuit, I know dive at the opportunity to kit up with my OceanReef Predator every chance I get. This has changed my perspective on things and has given my open-circuit diving a fresh take on things. I love this mask, you’ll see me in it every chance I get. I’ll be the one underwater – smiling.




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