Sep 22

Red Moki – Chirodactylus spectabilis

One of the more common fish we see on our local dives is Red Moki. If you are diving in north New Zealand, most divers would be unlucky to not find one, however many don’t know they are one of the more interesting fish we have. 

Red Moki - Imagery from Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

These fish aren’t usually afraid of divers and will come up to us curiously. They live for up to 60 plus years and often mate for life. Where you find one, there will usually always be a second close by. 

Red Moki are a perfect fish for beginner photographers, through their comfort with divers they stay steady in the water with harsh movements, making it easy to line up a shot. 

Red Moki are especially abundant out the back of Goat island and locally around Tiri, our purpose built dive boats regularly go to these sites and are a good way to increase your photography skills.  

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