Jun 15

Zeagle Bravo BCD

Bravo is the next step in the evolution of the Sport line. It elevates every dive with its generous and easy-access pockets, six stainless steel D-rings, and adjustable cummerbund. Tough 1000-Denier black bladder material w/10mm Thermoplastic Polyurethane coating resists fading and abrasion, while the hard webbing backplate with two tank bands—and an additional cinch-down strap tank band—secures the tank to the BCD with confidence. Reinforced and color-contrast stitching shows Bravo’s dedication to being every diver’s ultimate dive companion.

I have had over a hundred dives in the Bravo and it hasn’t let me down. It is tough and all the clips, zips, straps and pockets including the integrated weight pockets look just like new. I have to dive in pools with chlorine for five hours at a time teaching new drivers, to my surprise none of the material has faded. If you’re looking for a BCD that just works and is extremely comfortable choose the Zeagle Bravo.

Zeagle Bravo BCD | Water Junkie | New Zealand


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