May 11

Zeagle Scope Mono Mask

The scope mono comes in three different colours being Rescue Orange, Coyote Camo and a stylish Matt Black. The Mask also allows for replacement back straps and it only requires an allen key to swap them out. The mask comes with the ski mask strap but can also be changed out for a thick rubber back strap that allows for additional support and grip.


Zeagle_Mon (2)

The Zeagle Scope Mono is an extremely comfortable and well sized mask. The mask is somewhat low profile but also allows great peripheral vision as it only has one single lens and does not have the center frame piece that two lens masks have. The scope Mono also has a nice broad nose pocket and is very spacious. The mask is also frameless so it doesn’t have any hard plastic edges allowing for the mask to be even more streamline and stylish.

I chose the scope mono as it was perfect with and very spacious. I liked how low profile the mask was while still providing a panoramic like view, to me this was perfect while discovering the underwater world as I want to take in as much as possible during my dives. It’s a very simple design and that was what I was going for. I also love the design for the ski mask strap as it doesn’t get stuck in your hair and it is extremely durable and adjustable.

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