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Academy of Diving Trust is registered as a Private Training Establishment by NZQA and has approval to subcontract to Auckland Scuba. We offer a range of part-time & full time career qualifications at our Albany delivery site. Our tertiary programmes are student loan approved.

Check Studylink for eligibility criteria.

Our NZQA approved courses qualify for the Governments "FEES FREE POLICY". If you are eligible you can get up to $12,000 free.


“Our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future” - Charles F Kettering

Gain internationally recognised qualifications and find a job in over 183 countries & territories in the world. Have the satisfaction of teaching the joys of scuba diving to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Go on to work in Conservation or Eco tourism, Research or Aquaculture. Become an Underwater Photographer or Underwater Camera Technician. Work on one of the amazing super yachts and crew around the world, or enter the New Zealand job market with all the skills ready to make you the perfect addition to a busy Dive Centre here in our own beautiful New Zealand.

“Since 2006 over 85% of the Academy of Diving Trust graduates have found employment in their chosen profession.” - The Academy of Diving Prospectus

Once certified as a PADI Divemaster (about mid way through the course) you have access to PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) employment page with new jobs advertised from around the world daily (


The Diploma in Professional Scuba Instruction (DIPSI) is a 10 month full time.

We teach a combination of academic studies with lots of discussion and interaction along with regular practical experience. You will learn as you experience the wonder of scuba diving at our amazing New Zealand dive sites. We get you out of the classroom and into the water doing what you are passionate about.

You do not need any prior SCUBA experience and we will take you from your Open Water Course through Advanced-Rescue-Divemaster-Instructor-Speciality Instructor. Diploma graduates complete NZQA unit standards in a variety of diving areas including Night, Underwater Navigation, Search, & Recovery, Deep, Marine Species Identification, Wreck.

The structure of study for the Diploma means we get you out there into the open sea and diving and you’ll have at least 100 dives under your belt when you complete your diploma along with friends and dive buddies you’ll have made for life.

Our Course Instructors are fully qualified PADI instructors and our Senior Instructor himself is an Academy of Diving graduate.


For further information, a full prospectus or to have a chat with someone who completed the course please: Call: Nick 09 478 2814
Text: 'career info' to 021 02415301

Turn your passion into a profession and enrol now for 2018!


Nick Wyatt
PADI Course Director - Auckland Scuba

Nick completed his Diploma in 2002 at Dive HQ Greenlane. Along with this he also qualified as a “Skipper” and “Master of a Small Commercial Dive Boat”. Nick has now earned the highest PADI Instructor rating becoming a PADI Course Director.

From 2004-2007 Nick split his career between instructing here in NZ and crewing for a private yacht delivery company, delivering yachts across the Tasman Sea.

Nick has a strong background in the New Zealand Dive Industry and has been with Dive HQ since he returned from his internship with Dolphin Divers in Tonga. He began at Dive HQ Greenlane as a Tertiary Course Instructor, Technician, Boat Captain, and working in the Dive HQ Store. He is now a key senior member of the Auckland Scuba team. Nick will be involved in the instruction of our tertiary courses.

“When learning on the full year Diploma, safety and procedures are always of paramount importance, and it’s my main focus to make sure our “Instructors in Training” don’t develop the bad habits recreational divers can readily fall into. The great thing about the Academy’s Diploma is that with the amount of regular diving and the benefit of quality instructing the safe practice becomes second nature to our graduates. That aside, we are going to have fun and have an enjoyable time too while learning within a close knit team.

If you have a love for the ocean and want to study with the idea of graduating with something you can actually use and be passionate about doing then graduating into a Career in Diving is for you.”


Georgie Dysart
Instructor - Auckland Scuba

“I always knew University wasn’t for me and also that it was important that I wouldn’t waste my money studying something I wasn’t 100% passionate about…….Learning to become a Dive Instructor is different, the thought of being paid to teach people to dive then one day open my own dive shop gave me the drive to sign up and start my Diploma in Professional Dive Instruction in 2010.

The biggest surprise for me was the amount of diving we did, I felt like I was always in the water! The course is really “hands on” and that’s what suited me. I became good friends with the other students and we regularly went diving together in the holidays. We dived the Canterbury Wreck up at Northland and many other great New Zealand dive sites. My time studying to become an instructor was a really enjoyable time for me.

So I’m now a qualified dive instructor!

I’ve spent the last year working overseas. Firstly I worked with Dive HQ West Auckland assisting on teaching a group of school age kids to dive at Tutukaka. Then I found myself in Indonesia on a conservation site working as Divemaster, Instructor, and also “Safety Diver” for Scientists from all over the world looking for new species and researching the area.

I loved my time in Indonesia but it’s great to be home in New Zealand and teaching on home soil again.

I’m now working for Auckland Scuba. The season is just kicking off but I’m looking forward to getting under the water and showing people the world I myself discovered and fell in love with.

Becoming a PADI Dive Instructor with the Academy of Diving was the best decision I made in my life, and I’ve never looked back.”