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TDI (Technical Diving International) was formed in 1994 by some of diving’s most experienced instructors to bring technical diving to a wider audience. TDI’s training materials have become known as some of the industry’s most professional resources.

Most importantly, TDI has one of the best safety records of all training agencies. Whether your interests lie in nitrox, rebreathers, mixed gas or any of the many other programs that TDI offers you can be assured that you will be participating in training that offers you the "cutting edge" of diving technology.

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TDI Courses Advanced Nitrox Diver Decompression Procedures Extended Range Diver Advanced Trimix Diver Draeger Rebreather Diver Entry Level Trimix Diver Nitrox Gas Blender Inspiration CCR Rebreather Inspiration Mixed-Gas CCR Rebreather Advanced Gas Blender